#ABtalks with Ronaldo – مع رونالدو | Chapter 4

16 يناير 2019

في الجزء الرابع من سلسلة مقابلات #ABtalks، يقابل أنس بوخش رونالدو دي ليما لفهم من يقف وراء الظاهرة، ويكشف عن معاركه وصراعاته طوال حياته المهنية وكيف أثرت الشهرة والمال والصحة على حياته.

رونالدو دي ليما، المعروف باسم”الظاهرة”، هو لاعب كرة قدم محترف برازيلي متقاعد، والذي لعب مع الفريق البرازيلي والعديد من الأندية الأوروبية خلال مسيرته. يعتبر واحداً من أفضل لاعبي كرة القدم عبر العصور.

أنس يجلس مع شخصيات فريدة و يقدم مقابلات حصرية، وأحيانًا جريئة. يتم اختيار كل ضيف بشكل دقيق وتكشف كل حلقة عن تفاصيل لم يتم التحدث عنها من قبل. الضيوف سيكونون من ضمن الشخصيات الملهمة و المنجزة في مجالاتهم و تخصصاتهم.

البرنامج سيسلط الضوء على الجانب الإنساني و العفوي لهؤلاء المنجزين، و المشاهير، و المؤثرين.

In this fourth chapter of #ABtalks, Anas Bukhash interviews Ronaldo de Lima to understand who is the person behind El Fenomeno, reveal his fights and struggles throughout his career and how fame, money and health have impacted his life.

Ronaldo de Lima, commonly referred to as “El Fenomeno”, is a Brazilian retired professional footballer, who played for the Brazilian team and several European clubs over the course of his career. He is considered as one of the best football players of all time.

In his YouTube show, Anas Bukhash takes a seat with unique personalities resulting in exclusive and sometimes daring interviews. Each guest is hand-picked and each episode reveals details that have never been talked about before. The guests of #ABtalks are known for being inspirational and influential; experts in their respective fields.

#ABtalks shines the spotlight on the raw and human side of various achievers, celebrities, influencers, trend-setters (and breakers); as ‘normal’ people, as human beings.

00:00 – Intro
0:57 – I want to know what Ronaldo thinks of Ronaldo. How do you see yourself?

2:25 – We have to many good stories there in Brazil to tell.
3:44 – You know, it was very difficult to become a ‘fenomeno’.
5:04 – I was run by myself.
5:34 – You played for a lot of rivals.
7:48 – Is it something that is really important for you? Family.
8:55 – Was there somebody that really played a big part in your life?
9:32 – Was if for you a passion or a way out?
10:23 – When did you know that you had something special?
11:03 – Was it difficult to be famous at such a young age?
11:38 – Did it ever switch from a passion to a job?
13:35 – Do you think you’re still like that? Stubborn and you want to get what you want?

14:02 – Do you feel that changed you as a person? Fame and money?
14:54 – Is it different being an owner than a footballer?
16:02 – Do you have a best friend?
17:03 – In 10 years, what do you want people to say about you?
18:14 – Do you believe your life has been an easy one?

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