#ABtalks with Yusra Mardini – مع يسرى مارديني | Chapter 157

11 يوليو 2023

تشاركنا يسرى مارديني، السباحة الأولمبية السورية المتميزة، رحلتها الاستثنائية في برنامجنا. قامت يسرا مع أختها سارة مارديني بمهمة إنقاذ جريئة، حيث أنقذوا قاربًا مليئًا باللاجئين – وهي قصة آسرة أسرت الجماهير في فيلم نيتفليكس، “السباحون”. تسرد يسرا التفاصيل المذهلة لهذه القصة الملهمة وتتأمل في التأثير العميق لإحيائها كفيلم من أفلام نيتفليكس. تنفتح على طفولتها، العلاقة الخاصة التي تشاركها مع أختها، أهدافها القادمة. انضموا إلينا هذا الثلاثاء في اكتشاف الإنسان خلف لقب السباحه يسرى مارديني.

هذا البرنامج هو سلسلة من المقابلات الحوارية التي تعرض على اليوتيوب ويقدمها أنس بوخش، حيث يكشف الجانب الصادق والإنساني للعديد من المشاهير والمؤثرين ويسلط الضوء على قصصهم الإنسانية الملهمة والمؤثرة.

Yusra Mardini, an accomplished Syrian Olympic swimmer, shares her extraordinary journey on #ABtalks. Together with her sister Sara Mardini, they embarked on a daring rescue mission, saving a boat full of refugees—a gripping tale that captivated audiences in the Netflix film, ‘The Swimmers’. Yusra recounts the incredible details of this inspiring story and reflects on the profound impact of having it brought to life as a Netflix movie. She opens up about her childhood, the special bond she shares with her sister, and her present-day pursuits. This Tuesday, join us in discovering the human behind the swimmer, Yusra Mardini.

#ABtalks is a YouTube interview show hosted by Anas Bukhash that shines the spotlight on the raw side of celebrities, influencers, and achievers as human beings.

Production by Bukhash Brothers

Website: https://www.abtalks.ae

00:00 – Intro
01:37 – How are you really doing?
03:35 – A backpack of Yusra’s emotions
7:03 – Do you feel guilty?
11:37 – Do you think Sara feels bad about it?
14:15 – Who are you, Yusra?
23:02 – Did that impact your relationship with your father?
25:29 – What did you experience on that boat?
34:30 – What emoji do you use most?
34:59 – What would you tell your child self?
36:12 – What’s something you need to tell Sara?
37:55 – What’s your relationship with the word ‘refugee’?
42:06 – Do you feel boxed into that category?
45:28 – So you’re done with swimming?
45:30 – Do you have a love-hate relationship with swimming?
46:53 – Did difficult circumstances affect your parent’s relationship?
48:28 – What impact did their separation have on the family?
53:07 – Kokology; Japanese Cube Test.
1:02:27 – If you were going to die in 3 years, what would you change?
1:05:52 – Card Game Question.
1:07:55 – Are you afraid of the ocean?
1:10:50 – How much alone time do you spend?
1:13:26 – Are you happy?
1:16:55 – What was the most difficult phase of your life?
1:21:36 – Who makes your heart ache when you remember them?
1:24:08 – What does Syria mean to you?
1:25:59 – Sara in one word.
1:26:10 – What does your father mean to you?
1:27:10 – What would your heart say to you?
1:28:02 – Why do you work so hard?
1:30:35 – How transparent are you from 1 – 10?
1:32:29 – What’s the most painful thing you’ve been told?
1:34:32 – Yusra in one word.

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