#ABtalks Special on The Successful Man Today – الرجل الناجح اليوم

18 ديسمبر 2021

ماذا يعني أن تكون رجلاً “ناجحًا” اليوم؟ كيف تصف “النجاح”؟ بالشراكة مع عطور بوس، يناقش أنس، محمد، سعادة مروان ومطر فكرة النجاح اذ كان في مهنهم او في مجالات حياتهم المختلفة، ودور الفشل وأهميته في الوصول اليه، وما يعنيه كل هذا بالنسبة للجيل الجديد. استمتعوا!

في سلسلة المقابلات الخاصة يستضيف أنس عدة ضيوف ويناقش معهم موضوعاً رئيسياً حيث يشارك الضيوف آرائهم وتجاربهم الشخصية الفريدة من نوعها مما يؤدي إلى نقاشات تحفيزية وملهمة وجريئة.

What does it mean to be a ‘successful’ man today? How would you really define ‘success’? In partnership with Boss Fragrances, Anas, Mohammad, H.E. Marwan and Mattar discuss the idea of success in their different occupations and areas of life, their different journeys to success, the role and lesson of failure in being successful and what all this means for the new generation. Enjoy!

On #ABtalks Specials, Anas has an open discussion on a selected topic between a group of guests. Each guest brings with them a diverse perspective on the topic at hand.

Produced by: Bukhash Brothers

Website: https://www.abtalks.ae

Watch Partner: Breitling | https://bit.ly/2UX7Ssl

Boss Fragrance: https://www.namshi.com/hugo-boss-bottled/?utm_source=coty&utm_medium=bp&utm_campaign=ABSTALK

00:00 – Intro
0:34 – Introduction.
1:44 – Success to Mattar.
5:00 – Mattar, do you think you have succeeded?
7:48 – Success to Mohammad.
12:10 – Success to Marwan.
15:40 – Different measures of success.
21:10 – Learning what success is.
25:55 – Balancing life and work, and being successful.
34:20 – Leaving a legacy.
37:10 – In your opinion, how do you sustain success?
43:25 – Marwan, what is continuity for you?
46:46 – Failure, the eternal nemesis of success.
51:10 – Everyone wants to be valuable. What is each of your aims?
1:02:40 – Staying in your comfort zone.
1:09:50 – Mattar’s advice for the next generation.

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All opinions and views expressed on the show represent the sole opinions and views of the participants involved and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of #ABtalks or its associated companies.

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