#ABtalks Together with Rahma & Alex – مع رحمة و أليكس

16 نوفمبر 2021

رحمة رياض فنانة ومغنية عراقية، وألكسندر علوم ممثل عراقي. يجلس الزوجان اللذان تمت خطبتهما مؤخرًا على مقعد برنامجنا…معًا.

هذه السلسلة تبدل الأدوار ؛ يسأل الضيوف الأسئلة! يدعو أنس الزوجان الشهيران الذين نعرفهم جميعًا ونحبهم، يطرحوا أسئلة عميقة وجريئة على بعضهم البعض حول علاقتهم، مع عدم وجود عوامل تشتيت يمكن للضيوف أن يتعرفوا على بعضهم البعض على طريقة البرنامج.

Rahma Riad is an Iraqi artist and singer, and Alexander Uloom is an Iraqi actor. The recently engaged couple take the #ABtalks seat…together.

This series switches the roles; the guests ask the questions! Anas invites celebrity couples that we all know and love to ask each other deep, daring questions about their relationship they have most likely never asked each other before (well, especially not in front of a camera). With no distractions and just a deck of cue cards, couples get to (really) know one another the #ABtalks way.

Produced by: Bukhash Brothers

Website: https://www.abtalks.ae

Watch Partner: Breitling | https://bit.ly/3jMClR0

00:00 – Intro
1:50 – If you could go back to the first day we met, what would you advise yourself?
2:49 – What is one trait in me that you don’t want our children to have?
3:50 – Which moments make you feel the most connected to me?
5:24 – What do you think can break us apart and why?
7:00 – What did you learn about Alex from your last relationship?
11:27 – When did you know that you really loved me?
13:45 – Did anything happen that made you think that you don’t want us to get married anymore?
17:04 – Do you think you deserve Rahma?
17:30 – How would you describe my love for you?
21:30 – ‘Us’ in one word.
23:22 – If this is to be the last time you are seeing me, what would be your last word to me?
29:35 – If I place my heart in front of you, what would you say to it?

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All opinions and views expressed on the show represent the sole opinions and views of the participants involved and do not necessarily reflect or represent those of #ABtalks or its associated companies.

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