#ABtalks with Amina Khalil – مع أمينة خليل | Chapter 93

7 ديسمبر 2021

النجمة المصرية أمينة خليل، ممثلة سينمائية وتلفزيونية، والتي عينت ايضاً كسفيرة فخرية لصندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان في مصر. اعترفت أمينة أنها في هذه المقابلة كشفت ما لم تكشفه في أي مقابلة أخرى على الإطلاق! شاهد الحلقة لتستمتع بحديث أمينة عن الصور النمطية في مجال عملها، حقوق المرأة وماذا تعني لها، وما يعني الحب من وجهة نظرها، وأكثر!

هذا البرنامج هو سلسلة من المقابلات الحوارية التي تعرض على اليوتيوب ويقدمها أنس بوخش، حيث يكشف الجانب الصادق والإنساني للعديد من المشاهير والمؤثرين ويسلط الضوء على قصصهم الإنسانية الملهمة والمؤثرة.

Amina Khalil is an Egyptian film and television actress who also has been named an honorary goodwill ambassador by the UN Population Fund. She confesses that this interview is the most she has ever opened up. Watch to hear Amina talk about industry stereotypes, women’s rights and why it’s so important to her, what love means to her and more.

#ABtalks is a YouTube interview show hosted by Anas Bukhash that shines the spotlight on the raw side of celebrities, influencers, and achievers as human beings.

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00:00 – Intro
1:25 – How are you really doing?
5:53 – Self-awareness.
10:27 – Who are you, Amina?
13:42 – How can your glasses remain pink?
18:14 – How was your childhood?
23:45 – How was your relationship with your parents?
25:08 – Experience as a waitress.
26:55 – Women’s rights.
29:40 – Have you ever felt alone?
33:20 – Nose surgery.
37:20 – Bullying.
52:50 – What did you learn about Amina from your engagement?
56:25 – What does love mean to you?
57:20 – Favorite color and 3 reasons why.
58:03 – Favorite animal and 3 reasons why.
1:00:00 – Who would you have dinner with?
1:01:28 – What scares you the most?
1:08:11 – Best moment in your life.
1:10:18 – Worst moment in your life.
1:19:30 – What trait would you like see above people’s heads?
1:21:07 – Father in one word.
1:21:17 – Mother in one word.
1:21:33 – Zeina in one word.
1:22:00 – Essmat in one word.
1:21:56 – When was the last time you cried?
1:27:22 – What would your heart tell you?
1:30:17 – Amina in one word.

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