#ABtalks with Gina Dirawi – مع غنى ديراوي | Chapter 95

21 ديسمبر 2021

Gina Dirawi is a Swedish-Palestinian TV presenter, singer-songwriter and actress. She has endured some of the harshest critics to come out stronger than anyone imagined. She talks about the racism, threats and trauma she has faced, the loneliness she endured, the sacrifices she’s made, and why she chose to disappear for a while. Gina is now back on the map and this is her full story exclusively on #ABtalks.

#ABtalks is a YouTube interview show hosted by Anas Bukhash that shines the spotlight on the raw side of celebrities, influencers, and achievers as human beings.

غنى ديراوي هي مقدمة برامج تلفزيونية سويدية، هي أيضاً مغنية، وكاتبة أغاني، وممثلة. تحملت غنى بعض من أقسى الانتقادات، لتخرج أقوى مما يتصوره أي شخص. تتحدث عن العنصرية والتهديدات والصدمات النفسية التي واجهتها، والوحدة التي تحملتها، والتضحيات التي قدمتها، ولماذا اختارت أن تختفي لفترة من الوقت. عادت جينا الآن إلى الخريطة وهذه هي قصتها الكاملة حصريًا علی برنامجنا.

هذا البرنامج هو سلسلة من المقابلات الحوارية التي تعرض على اليوتيوب ويقدمها أنس بوخش، حيث يكشف الجانب الصادق والإنساني للعديد من المشاهير والمؤثرين ويسلط الضوء على قصصهم الإنسانية الملهمة والمؤثرة.

Produced by: Bukhash Brothers

Website: https://www.abtalks.ae

Watch Partner: Breitling | https://bit.ly/3nrXQZJ

00:00 – Intro
0:38 – How are you really doing?
1:08 – How was your childhood?
19:00 – How was your relationship with your parents?
20:42 – When did it get ugly?
25:20 – A muslim hosting a Christmas show.
28:55 – Why did you disappear?
33:00 – Did you find out who you are?
34:00 – Your body would hurt you from all the trauma.
35:35 – “The price of being who you are in Sweden is too high”
39:29 – Did you face a lot of racism in Sweden?
44:50 – Meet Me In Jannah.
48:45 – Did you consider suicide?
58:44 – What’s your favorite color?
59:48 – What’s your favorite animal?
1:01:45 – What does ‘love’ mean to you?
1:05:37 – Characteristic above people’s heads.
1:09:10 – What are you afraid of?
1:10:40 – Best moment in your life so far.
1:11:36 – Worst moment in your life so far.
1:14:30 – What is a moment you remember and your heart aches?
1:16:50 – When was the last time you cried?
1:17:16 – What does Sweden mean to you?
1:19:35 – Saleh in one word.
1:19:58 – Siham in one word.
1:20:50 – What would your heart tell you?
1:21:45 – Gina in one word.

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