#ABtalks with Hala Kazim – مع هالة كاظم | Chapter 10

29 أكتوبر 2019

ينفرد أنس بوخش مع هالة كاظم بلقاء استثنائي، وفي حوارجرئ من القلب إلى القلب تكشف فيه ولأول مرة عن تفاصيل من حياتها، لم تكشفها ولا حتى للمقربين إليها.

هالة رائدة أعمال اجتماعية ومدربة حياة إماراتية ومستشارة وكاتبة، وهي أيضًا والدة أنس. تعتبر أول سيدة إماراتية وعربية تصمّم برنامج تحويلي للنساء. منذ سن مبكرة للغاية، تتمتع هالة بمهارة خاصة في التواصل والتعامل مع الناس. وتتمثل مهمتها في تغيير حياة الناس للأفضل من خلال مساعدتهم على الخروج من منطقة الراحة، وتوسيع حدودهم الفكرية وخوض تجارب الحياة بكل تحدّي.

تغوص هذه المقابلة في أعماق تلك المرأة القوية وهي تتحدث من صميم قلبها عن التفاصيل المعقدة لطفولتها وعائلتها وزواجها وطلاقها وأمومتها، ووصفها لآلامها وأفراحها، وكيف وجدت السلام الداخلي الذي وصلت إليه اليوم. كما تكشف لكم الجانب الآخر من شخصيتها، الجانب “الواقعي” من هالة، والتي تعكس بشكل غير مباشر قوتها الراسخة.

يجلس أنس مع شخصيات فريدة ويقدم مقابلات حصرية، وأحياناً جريئة. يتم اختيار كل ضيف بشكل دقيق وتكشف كل حلقة عن تفاصيل لم يتم التحدث عنها من قبل. من المعروف عن الضيوف أنهم ملهمون ومؤثرون ومختصون كلٌ في مجاله.

هذا البرنامج يسلط الضوء على الجانب الصريح والإنساني للعديد من المنجزين والمشاهير والمؤثرين وصانعي الصيحات (ومحطميها)؛ كأناس “طبيعيين” وكبشر.

Anas Bukhash takes a seat with Hala Kazim, resulting in a bold, heart-to-heart conversation revealing details about her life she has never disclosed before, not even to those closest to her.

Hala is an Emirati life coach, counsellor, author and entrepreneur, and is also Anas’s mother. She was the first Emirati and Arab to devise a transformational program for women. From a very young age, Hala has had a special skill in dealing with people. Her mission is to change people’s lives for the better by challenging their comfort zones, expanding intellectual boundaries and immersing themselves fully in tailor-made life experiences.

This chapter gets to the core of this strong woman as she talks about the intricate details of her childhood, family, marriage, divorce and motherhood. She describes the pains and joys of her life so far, and how she has found peace with where she is today. Hala’s ‘real’ and vulnerable side comes to light in this interview, inadvertently displaying her persistent strength.

Anas Bukhash takes a seat with unique personalities resulting in exclusive and sometimes daring conversations. Each guest is hand-picked and each episode reveals details that have never been talked about before. The guests are known for being inspirational and influential; experts in their respective fields.

This show shines the spotlight on the raw and human side of various achievers, celebrities, influencers, trendsetters (and breakers); as ‘normal’ people, as human beings.

00:00 – Intro
3:21 – When I talk about your childhood, what’s the feeling that comes up?
3:43 – Was there a relationship between you and your father?
4:41 – Soft spot for orphans.
5:09 – Your relationship with your mother?
8:03 – Did she show you that she loved you?
9:17 – Do you feel that you reflected what you didn’t like in your relationship with your kids?
10:11 – How was your last days with my grandmother?
13:52 – Tell me, why did you get married so young?
18:31 – I was diagnosed with Situational Depression.
21:14 – Elaine Kinney.
23:44 – Do you give excuses for your mistakes?
26:25 – Why are you different?
28:21 – Tell me about Tariq. He came in a sensitive period as well.
32:03 – How was the divorce?
34:11 – I was one of the happiest women on Earth.
35:54 – How was your family at this stage?
38:24 – I was going to be homeless.
40:28 – What made you try marriage again after being unmarried?
41:35 – Why did you want another kid?
42:33 – What do you think of the marriage system nowadays?
45:48 – The problem with love is that it has a million definitions.
47:37 – You know how to empathize with people.
49:55 – Do you feel that you’re happy?
50:34 – Explain ‘motherhood’ to me.
53:18 – Do you have any regrets?

Produced by: Bukhash Brothers

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