#ABtalks to Fans | Ramadan Special – ‎حلقة رمضان الخاصة

16 أبريل 2024

As promised, we’ve invited 10 lucky fans to visit the #ABtalks Studio and interview Anas again this Ramadan! Watch as they ask Anas everything, from what success means to him, how he gets guests to open up, his future aspirations, the impact interviews have on him and more. Tune in as we flip the script to discover the human behind the host, Anas Bukhash.

كما وعدناكم، قمنا بدعوة 10 متابعين محظوظين لزيارة استوديو البرنامج وإجراء مقابلة مع أنس مرة أخرى في شهر رمضان! شاهدهم وهم يسألون أنس عن كل شيء، بدءًا من معنى النجاح بالنسبة له، وكيف يشجع الضيوف على الانفتاح، وتطلعاته المستقبلية، وتأثير المقابلات عليه والمزيد. تابعونا بينما نقلب السيناريو لاكتشاف الإنسان خلف لقب المضيف المضيف، أنس بوخش.

Production by: Bukhash Brothers

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00:00 – Intro
01:20 – What does ‘success’ mean to you?
02:50 – What would your successful self say to your failed self?
06:10 – What are the treasures and ashes of your inner world?
11:17 – How did you make peace with yourself?
13:19 – What would you not do again?
13:45 – How do you hit the pause button?
15:42 – The worst moment of Anas’ life.
16:32 – What’s a decision you regret?
18:07 – Who’s someone you really want to interview?
21:17 – Would you ever write a book or move to traditional media?
23:15 – Do you believe in visualization?
24:44 – What’s one thing you would add to humanity?
25:45 – Fouad plays the buzuq for us.
26:53 – What would you warn your younger self about?
28:28 – Who supports Anas?
32:15 – Anas’ 5 most important values.
35:57 – What change do you want to see in Arab youth?
38:22 – What episode affected you most?
40:45 – How do you pick your team?
43:00 – What did you think of your Sudanese guests?
44:50 – What’s a goal you still want to accomplish?
46:00 – Anas’ life in one sentence.
48:40 – How do you get guests to open up?
53:13 – How do you handle a closed off guest?
55:40 – What’s something a guest discovered about themselves?
57:44 – How does hearing so many stories impact you?
59:25 – What experiences made you who you are today?
01:01:30 – How does it feel to know you’re making an impact?
01:03:53 – BTS moments.

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